NewTom VGI


NewTom VGI Flex Cone Beam 3D Imaging provides three-dimensional imaging to you and your family, right in the practice office. It enhances diagnosis and treatment planning by providing more accurate imaging. Using the 3-D mapping tool, Dr. Thompson can easily format and select desired sections for immediate viewing. Cone Beam imaging delivers quicker and easier image acquisition — a typical scan takes only 20 seconds!

Benefits of Using the Newtom Compared to traditional CT scans:

  • Allows Dr. Thompson to share a visual diagnosis with his patients, making you more comfortable with your treatment plan and actively participating in your care.
  • Safer – delivers less radiation to our patients than traditional CT scans.
  • Open environment ensures your comfort.
  • Thorough diagnostic information(optimum view of the critical anatomy of all oral and maxillofacial structures).
  • More accurate treatment planning – confirm certain treatments are necessary.
  • More predictable treatment outcomes.
  • Reduces the length and cost of therapy

Newtom is fully open and has a short image capture time. Scan images are ready for use in less than 3 minutes and can be emailed, placed on a CD, or printed in full color for your use by Dr. Thompson.

Our office is pleased to offer NewTom imaging for patients who receive dental treatment. Come and see for yourself what it’s like to receive a more advanced, patient-friendly dental experience. Call us today to schedule your next dental exam.

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