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Implant Overdentures

March 31, 2018

Patient had an existing upper denture that she was unhappy with. 6 implants were placed in the maxilla and a titanium bar was fabricated with MK1 attachment so the patient can remove an

Smile Makeover

patient was treated in a phased approach. On lower left and right areas where teeth had been missing for a number of years there was horizontal and some vertical bone loss with a lack of attached tissue. These areas were treated utilizing a ridge split simultaneous with implant placement and free gingival grafts taken from… Read More »

Gum Tissue Augmentation (gum grafting)

The patients recession was treated using a tunneling approach and after healing and stability of the tissues ceramic restorations were fabricated and seated for the patient to obtain her desired result.

Smile Makeover

Full mouth restorations with Porcelain restorations and one implant crown.

Anterior Implants

Patient had a vertical fracture of tooth #10 with missing buccal plate of bone. Case was completed using a staged approach, rebuilding bone with GBR and tissue with tissue taken from tuberosity.

Anterior Implants

Patient was hit in the face with a sledgehammer. This patient was treated using a staged Implant approach.

Anterior Implants

Anterior Immediate extraction and immediate Implants on 7 and 10 with SECTG (gum graft from the palate) to augment the recession. The patients own teeth were hollowed out and used on temporary abutments for the provisional teeth.